Graphic and Packaging Design

2019 - Umea Institute of Design

            in co-operation with Västerbottensost

Västerbottensost approached us with the task to design a branding strategy and packaging for their new premium product, a 165g center piece cheese.

For this project we worked as a group of four, consistent of Trang Nguyen Thuy, Manjari Kariyawasam, Magdalena J. and myself.


Together we analysed the brand, its rich history and what makes Västerbottensost so unique. We tested our research in a market survey in Umea and developed our concept according to the findings of the study and the company's product placement plans.

The project duration was one week.

VB Logo.png
Brand Values

A product of premium quality

Good for Norrland and its farmers

Unique taste and production


Interesting Facts


The Västerbottensost recipe is a great secret and only passed

down from  Cheese-Master to Cheese-Master


Only the finest milk from the northern region of Sweden is used for Västerbottensost, and the cheese has to mature for

14 months minimum


Thomas Rubin has been the Cheese-Master for Västerbottensost for 40 years, he tastes and signs of each batch before it leaves the facility


The distinct Västerbottensost taste can only be achieve in the facilities of Burträsk, and nowhere else to this date


Highly satisfied and loyal customers

Seasonal market share

Expansion to overseas

Cheese can only be produced in Burträsk





Problem Definition
Create a packaging for the new Västerbottensost 165g center-piece cheese that conveys a message of luxury combined with premium quality.
Front and back design.png
The Logo and Graphics

We recommended a new sub-logo and color palate to differentiate the new product range. The heart in the logo refers to center-piece of the cheese or the heart piece as it is called. The packaging contains the most important information, like Cheese-Master's signature, the Swedish flag and a reference that Västerbottensost is a supplier to the royal Swedish house.

The outer packaging design

The packaging is brighter and held beige and gold combined to communicates the luxurious nature of the product.

In addition it will be better visible in the stores than the currently black one. The outer packaging contains the more delicate glass container with the cheese.

3D Glass1.png
The inner packaging - a glass serving

The inner packaging is made of glass and wood. The wood represents the nature of the northern Swedish region of Västerbotten. It also functions as a serving and and storage container once the cheese is opened. The wooden bottom is engraved with the original Västerbottensost logo. 

Wrapping Paper-III.png
The wrapping paper

The delicate cheese is wrapped in a bees wax environmentally friendly paper . At the center of the wrapping paper right were the cheese is placed it contains a little story about Västerbottensost. The paper also represents a loaf of cheese and the story is placed in the center, which visualizes which part of the cheese the consumer is holding in their hands.

Final Product