The Battle

Did you see the last battle?

Yes, I didn't miss a second!

It was a rough fight.

Yes, my opponent was tough.

You hit her merciless, she is bleeding heavily why did you do that?

Because she did not listen to me.

Was she strong?

She was weak in essence, but she took a lot.

Is it your first time battling her?

No, we have been fighting for a lifetime.

So why did you fight this time then?

She keeps challenging me again and again.

Are you scared of her?

As much as she is of me.

Who is stronger?

That’s what we are trying to figure out.

Will you both fight again?

For as long as it takes. But I have to go now.

Where are you going?

I have to stop my bleeding.

The most merciless battles we fight with ourselves.

A never ending fight that no one ever has won.