Ergonomic Product Design

2019 - Umea Institute of Design

Designing an ergonomic broom that allows a comfortable use in multiple hand positions.

A user-test based ergonomics design concept for the service staff at the Umea University. User challenges were identified through interviews and user observation.


In addition the brand language of the OLFA company brand was analysed and applied on the final concept model.


In interviews the key user challenges were evaluated


Unstable attachment to trolley

Brooms can be heavy 


Only one way to hold the broom

Grip angle puts pressure on wrist


Different people prefer 

different handles

Followed by an evaluation of design opportunities



Prototypes and User-testing

Prototype IIa.png

Prototype I 

Prototype Ia.png

Prototype II

Prototype IIIa.png

Prototype III

Prototype II

  • User's most preferred model

  • Allowed different ways of holding

  • Sits comfortable in hand

  • Supports holding with wrist-band

  • Handle was slightly too big

  • Thumb support missing

Final Model Prototyping

OLFA Brand Language Analysis and application

Final Broom Concept

broom final small.png

Final Broom Handle Concept 

broom final.png